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28.06.2013 ob 17:17

Le toliko, da jih ne izgubim.

  • Bandit Queen (1995), good and interesting story about real life female Indian antihero Phoolan Devi. Sad life of a great woman. Must see.
  • Living in Oblivion (1995), very good meta comedy. Could watch it again and again. Steve Buscemi is perfect. Tom DiCillo’s best one.
  • One Fine Day (1996), typical romantic comedy with George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer. Nothing special and forgettable.
  • Kids (1995), masterpiece and one of the best movies of the nineties. Larry Clark did a incredible job portraying today’s crazy youth.
  • Slaughterhouse Five (1972), interesting movie experience, war, drama, comedy and scifi mixed together, worth a look, but not my cup of tea.
  • Daylight (1996), I like this movie, nothing wrong with it, deserved better box ofice. Sylvester Stallone knows his job and his audience.
  • Above the Law (1988), the movie that put Steven Seagal on the map. Solid action, still worth a look.
  • The First Wives Club (1996), not that bad, okay for sunday afternoon, Goldie, Diane and Bette did a good job.
  • Clockers (1995), good Spike Lee crime drama with great cast. Whodunit with powerful social background.
  • That Night (1992),good story about forbidden love with the help of little girl who is fascinated by her neighbour Juliette Lewis. Nice film.
  • Liquid Dreams (1991), very bad thriller, boring, stupid, childish, sterile acting, amateur storytelling. Insult of a viewers inteligence.
  • Tommy (1975), cult musical from the late Ken Russell. Not that good as The Rocky Horror but still worth a look. Crazy and bizzare.


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