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Le toliko, da jih ne izgubim.

  • The Philadelphia Story (1940), very good classic screwball comedy, simple and effective storytelling, great acting team, Cukor at his best.
  • The Big Country (1958), little bit to long, but stil watchable drama western with Gregory Peck. Not a masterpiece, but still a good movie.
  • The Left Handed Gun (1958), Paul Newman as Billy the Kid, some good personal moments, solid gun action, worth a look.
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1938), best version of all time, Charles Laughton is perfect as Quasimodo, one of the greatest movies ever.
  • King Kong (1933), ultimate movie classic, Fay Wray is unforgettable, special effect still amazing, really adore this timeless film.
  • Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (1954), okay musical, not as good as they told us, Howard Keel is cool, one dance act is really incredible.
  • Wait Until Dark (1967), Terence Young did a great job directing Audrey Hepburn in this very effective and always tense thriller drama.
  • On the Town (1949), probably the first modern musical, Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra are worth a look, little outdated, but still okay.
  • The Trollenberg Terror (1958), boring, bad and forgettable scifi horror about the monster with one eye and mysterious cloud.
  • King David (1985), Richard Gere is terribly miscast, Bruce Beresford is out of his mind, one of the worst movies of the eighties.
  • The Nude Bomb (1980), Don Adams is great as Maxwell Smart in this very funny parody. Get Smart Again from 1989 is even better.
  • 9 Days: Whipped, Tortured and chained by a Psychopath (2013), awful movie, fast foward needed, bullshit acting, story and directing.
  • Jack (1996), Am I the only one who liked this Francis Ford Coppola Robin Williams family comedy?
  • Poetic Justice (1993), far from Boyz n the Hood, but still okay movie from John Singleton starring Janet Jackson and 2Pac Shakur.
  • Tank Girl (1995), very bad and stupid movie where Ice T plays a kangaroo. Horrible script and boring performance from Lori Petty.
  • Ransom (1996), solid drama thriller with Mel Gibson, directed by Ron Howard, little boring at times.
  • Higher Learning (1995), very good movie with very good performance by Tyra Banks. John Singleton at his best.
  • Gremlins (1984), one of my favorite movies of all time. Joe Dante perfectly mixes horror and comedy. Gizmo rules. Awesome movie.
  • Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990), great sequel, even more crazy than part one, Joe Dante did another very good job. Leonard Maltin dies.
  • The Cotton Club (1984), we get great feeling about the good old days of jazz and gangsters, but the story falls a little flat.
  • Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (1994), I don’t like this movie very much, entertaining at times, but boring and flat as a whole.
  • Sleepers (1996), another very good Barry Levinson film, magnificent cast, powerful scenes, not a perfect ten, but worth a look anytime.
  • Roadracers (1994), early Robert Rodriguez movie with Salma Hayek, not as good as Desperado, but still a cool story and full of energy.

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