Internetno povabilo na poroko

24.08.2007 ob 02:39

Večino tako imenovanega spam maila nemudoma zbrišem, toda tale, ki vam ga bom serviral, mi je izredno nasmejal.

Pa ga poglejmo skupaj:

My Dear Friend

I am very happy that I have found your profile. My English is not so good,
but I do my best. I learned English at school. My languages are Russian and
Ukrainian. I am a very serious person. I want to find the kind husband, fond
of me, and create family with him. I like children very much and I want to
have children in the future (certainly a boy and a girl). I am seriously
searching for true love in my future partner. I will reply at] to any of your possible questions.
Love is worth living for. Faithfulness, honesty and loyalty are very
important to me, as I will be the same way to my beloved husband. I want a
loving husband by my side. I want him to support me, care for me, love me,
respect me and enjoy me always. He has to be intelligent enough to
understand my knowledge and intellect. Together I want us to create a
healthy loving family with wonderful children.

No ja, tale Ira verjetno poročne prošnje pošilja po dolgem in počez, ampak vseeno se se počutil počaščenega, da je izbrala prav mene :)

Dear Ira, if you’re riding this, I’m sorry, but a have a girlfriend


2 komentarjev na “Internetno povabilo na poroko”

  1. pravi:

    How are you? I am interested and hope this a real thng, I am not up to playing games, I am for real. but send me a photo of you if you please

  2. iztokgartner iztokgartner pravi:

    Dear Harlod, I’m a man and I’m not ready for gay marriage. I’m sory. I hope that you’ll found some cool husband very soon.


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